Horse Racing System - This One ALWAYS Works!

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Horse Racing System - This One ALWAYS Works!

There are different ways to bet or stake on the horse racing system but here I am going to share with you a staking method that always works.

I have tried this horse racing staking method for years and the result has not changed; it always wins.

The horse racing system allows you to place the same stakes. For instance, you can stake $20 on each selection. But notwithstanding, the game has its own rules which could be understood easily.

The horse racing system also uses the odd techniques of other betting systems like soccer. This odd determines the amount you can stake and also how many selections you can make.

Now that you have understood the basics or staking procedure of the horse racing system I will share with you how I make my game selections that get me to ALWAYS win week after week.

There are two ways you can stake; you may decide to stake using your favorite or you may decide to stake without using your favorite.

Staking with Your Favourite Involved

For example, I will show you how the odd selection determines your stake.

Below are odd ranges in decimals of the favorite team in any given race.

Between 3.00 & 4.00 2 Horses

Between 4.00 & 5.00 3 Horses

Between 5.00 & 6.00 4 Horses

Between 6.00 & 7.00 5 Horses

Between 7.00 & 8.00 6 Horses

With the odds above, if you want to bet on Ascot @ 2.10, all you need to do is to go to the website of your bookmaker or betting exchange where you will see the odds and/or price that you can stake.

If what you see on the bookmaker is that the odd placed on your favorite is 5.3 then you crosscheck the odd with the favorite odd tables given to you above.

From the table, you will see that the odd 5.3 falls between 5 and 6 on the odd table and this implies that you can stake on the first 4 horses. That is the first favorite, second favorite, third favorite and fourth favorite horses.

And this same procedure goes with every other odd range you see on the bookmaker. Once you get the range you need to crosscheck the odd range with the odd list given above to know exactly what you are taking for and how much to stake.

The Horse racing system had been in existence for many years. People are not too familiar with it since many punters are always after games that allow them to have large wins.

But the irony of it all is that it is possible for them to win large money and lost it all at the same time.

One thing about the horse racing system is that the selection procedure of the game is stress-free. There is no rocket science involved.

For example, if the favorite odds from the bookmaker is 4.2, next you cross check the odd with the odd list above.

From the odd list above, add 4.2 falls between the range of 4 and 5. This means you can stake on 3 favorites. This means if you placed $10 on each one your total staking price will be $30 dollar.

Now if your 1st favorite teams won at odd 4, you will win back $40 (4 x $10, where 4 is the odd and $10 is the amount you bet) and you will also get back the $10 you placed on the 1st favorite making it a total of $50.

If the 2nd favorite team should also win at maybe add 5, you will win back $50 (5 x $10, where 5 is the odd and $10 is the amount you bet) plus the $10 you placed on the 2nd favorite; making it a total of $60.

And lastly, if the 3rd favorite happens to lose you won’t get back anything from this particular bet.

But Notwithstanding you have still made about $90 ($110 - $30; where $110 is the total money won and $30 is the total money you staked on the 3 favorites.)

However, if the 3rd favorite happened to win at maybe add 4.5, it implies you will win back $45 (4.5 x $10, where 4.5 is the odd and $10 is the amount you bet). And also you will win back the $10 you placed making it a total of $55.

In grand total, you will be winning a total of $165 ($50 + $60 + $55). And that means you have a profit of $135 from taking a capital of $30. Oh, this is cool CASH!!

It is important to know that the above is an example. But in reality, it is possible to come across some big race which may place the value of the game to 7 on the bookmaker’s site. And this means you can stake on first 6 favorite horse.

Believe me it is very possibly to make fortune from the horse racing system. If you can play with care and follow right protocols, you can even make this a second major source of income for yourself.

The staking system explained above can be used for almost all the races except for some few itemized below;

  • Do not use it on “Handicap” races that have more than 16 racers. These types of games are completely erratic.
  • Avoid betting on “Maiden” races as well you cannot predict them.
  • Avoid betting on “Apprentice” races.


Staking without Your Favourite Involved

This is my very best method of taking and it ALWAYS gives me a good result.

Here, there are ways you can narrow down your search and find the between 3-5 games to stake on per day. This procedure f playing can guarantee you a very high strike rate.

To start with, you will need any good sporting newspaper like the “the Sun”.

Also you will need to register on website if you have an account with them. It is free, just register.

Any day there will be Horse racing, you need to log on to the website. Then go to the racing page of the website where you will follow all the racing events of the day.

On the racing page of the website, you will see some predictions on the racing.

Next, you compare these predictions with that of the newspaper for a particular race.

If the 3 prediction from the website is the same with at least 2 predictions on the newspaper, select the same horse with both the website and the newspaper. It could be a sure win.

You can do this with ALL the race selection on the newspaper.

After this, you need to visit your bookmaker (Betfair) to check the odd of the top 3 horses that were selected.

If the odds on Betfair is the same with the odd given by the newspaper and, then be rest assured that it is a sure bet. This implies that you can stake on any other horse selected by these top stars.

This whole selecting technique may seem too cumbersome at first but with constant use and practice, you will get used to it.  With time it becomes much easier and quicker for you to check.

Like we have listed out in the previous stalking style, here you also need to avoid playing some certain games on Apprentice, Handicapped with more than 16 runners and the Maiden games.

Once you miss out these games, you can now find races even handicap between 12 – 16 runners to stake on. Handicap games with 12 – 16 runners, the horses are assigned different values to carry which makes it possible for ALL the horses to win.

To get an effective result from this stacking method, the next thing you need to do is to fetch the odds for your 2nd favorites. It is on this 2nd favorite that you stake your money according to your budget or on as many games as possible.

Now that you know how to make game selections and stake, it is important you also learn Money management or your bet bank management.

This horse racing system and money management training works for virtually everybody.

To better understand this, we will be using $1000 as our betting bank. But don’t undermine the fact that you can start with any amount that you can afford.

The first thing you do is to divide your betting bank by 10% of the betting bank. So for $1000, 10% is equal to $100.

Now $1000/ $100 is equal to 10

This implies that if you want to stake, the highest you can stake on your first game is $10 and nothing more.

So if you are supposed to stake on 5 horses, it means you will need to divide the $10 by 5. And this is equal to $2. So you are to place $2 on each of the first five horses.

Don’t say that the staking price of $2 is too small it can’t get you rich. It is meant to be a slow and gradual process of getting rich. It is not spontaneous neither is it white magic. It is a form of the long-term investment program.

The reason we divided the betting bank by its 10% is so that you can have about 100 losing bets before your account run dry. And believe me, it is difficult to have losing streaks of 100 games at once.

 In the example above, if the favorite wins then you will win a stake profit of $2 BUT if the favorite loses and an 8/1 shot wins, you will then pick up a nice $12 profit.

So as you continuously win bit by bit, your betting bank will gradually increase and you’d later discover that you can stake a higher amount.

If you can follow these staking methods explained religiously and carefully then you will discover that you are on a journey of making more millions through the horse racing system.